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Suzhou Meccan, estabished in year 1993, located at Suzhou which is very near Shanghai, is a group enterprise led by trading, centered on technology and backed by production. It has one subordinate import and export company and several production bases. Meccan Group focuses on technical innovation, conducts independent research and development and strictly observe the full set of safety, quality and environment management system, having passed ISO9001-2008 and ISO14001-2004 and obtained “China Environmental Labeling Certification”, able to adapt to the constantly changing market demands. As the long-term provider of various celebrated multinational corporations, the Group provides OEM/ODM products for them.
Main products: metal furniture and parts, prefabricated buildings and cleaning appliance suitable for the market. The Group adheres to the spirit of entrepreneurship and the business policy of integrity and communication, continuously endeavoring to put forward world-class products, to expend domestic and overseas market and to provide complete services for customers at home and abroad. It is will establish broad cooperation with domestic and overseas customers and seek mutual benefits and common development with Metal Chair


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