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350 degrees high temperature gloves
Kevelar + nomex blended, double-sided silicone
Double-sided anti-temperature beads, enhance the gloves slip resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance.
Double-knit excellent thermal insulation fast cooling function
Gloves commonly used in the manufacture of materials and fibers:
For the glove industry, the first need to master the basic knowledge is the production of textile fibers in raw materials! However, a wide variety of gloves, fiber varieties, different names. With the ever-changing technology, more new materials, new technologies, new technology flash, so many varieties of materials used, but some are the most basic, but also in the industry should know!
Believers know how to know all the best leather gloves is the sheepskin, and very durable, and smooth and comfortable.
Sheepskin bovine goat or sheep skin. Goat or sheep's skin contains water, protein, fat and inorganic substances, the latter two little content of the protein constituting the epidermis pumping mainly keratin; the formation of the dermis, mainly collagen and Reticulin, in addition to still contain elasticity Hard protein, albumin, globulin and mucin and so on.
How to identify sheepskin
Sheep skin is characterized by flat oval pores, more oblique oblique leather; clear pores, arranged in a group, arranged like scales or jagged. Pattern features such as water ripples. Sheepskin light, thin, soft, is the ideal fabric for leather garments, made of beautiful apparel pattern, soft and natural gloss, soft, flexible, but strength is not as good as leather and pigskin.
Sheep skin: Cortical more fat content, skin fibrous tissue relaxation, very soft, fine grain smooth, extensible, but not strong.
Goat skin: cortical less fat content, fibrous tissue full than sheep skin, clear pores, cortex elastic, solid and durable.
Warm series, using comfortable and soft sheepskin, good elastic knitted fabrics, warm and lightweight fleece and many other new materials to open.
Fine workmanship, simple and elegant design, unique style, bright fashion warm gloves, wrist elastic design with the mouth to prevent cold wind instillation, both warm and paste your hand.
Hand protection Hand is one of the most delicate and dense organs in human organs. It consists of 27 bones, accounting for 1/4 of the total number of human bones, and muscle, blood vessels and nerves are extremely astonishingly complex distribution and organization, only a few meters per square centimeter of the capillary length of the fingertips, nerves Up to thousands of distal. These sophisticated neural networks allow us to detect cold, heat, pain, etc. within a few microseconds, and even feel tiny vibrations with only an amplitude of hair. From the day of birth, the hand does not stop the activity, and at the end of life, the hand can perform an average of 250 million times. However, we often neglect the importance of our hands and neglect the proper protection of them. Therefore, warm gloves are a kind of gloves that we need to attach great importance
when the color number to provide guests, we have to Gloves


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